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Sounds We Need

Hello and welcome to Rabbeats Instruments!


We are a team of musicians and music producers with a collective experience of 60+ years.


Our main company, Rabbeats, is a multi-awarded music company based in Athens, Greece, and specializes in composing and producing music, sound design, production music libraries, music supervision, and music licensing.


Throughout our years in the industry, we recognized certain elements were missing, so we decided to fill the gap.

Τhat's when Rabbeats Instruments was born.


We’re dedicated to providing innovative and user-friendly Virtual Instruments and Sound Libraries that cater to the needs of music enthusiasts, artists, producers, and composers.


Our goal is to develop instruments and sounds that are intuitive, easy to use, and streamline the music-making process, whether you are a professional musician or just starting your musical journey.


Join us on our mission and discover the world of Rabbeats Instruments!

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